Red River Crabgrass and Sunn Hemp
Red River Crabgrass and Sunn Hemp

For the past few years, we've found this to be an almost perfect match. Crabgrass responds incredibly to Sunn Hemp! 

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Production Guide

Sunn Hemp (15 - 20 lbs. / acre) + Red River Crabgrass (5 lbs. / acre) = 25 lbs. total**

Ideal pH is between 5.8 and 6.5, with an ideal soil temperature of 65 °F. The sunn hemp can be planted into a preexisting field of crabgrass, or planted during April when establishing new crabgrass. at a depth anywhere under .5". The sunn hemp will provide both nitrogen and potash for the crabgrass, and also greatly increase the protein value of the forage. You may also add buckwheat to this mix, which acts as a nurse crop—helping the other plants grow quickly while providing phosphorus. No inoculant is needed in Southern states. 


One acre’s worth of our Red River Crabgrass and Sunn Hemp mix is $65.00. Please note that both products come in separate bags.

** = Please note that we are legally unable to mix sunn hemp into our seed blends prior to sale. Customers will receive the sunn hemp seeds in a separate bag upon purchase.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Red River Crabgrass and Sunn Hemp mix.


The Red River Crabgrass and Sunn Hemp blend is a Summer mix.

Planting Rate:

25 LBs. / acre