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Learn about Sunn Hemp and other Petcher seeds.
Spring / Summer
Learning is essential to living a rich life. Petcher Seeds learns every day by studying each plant and how it may help our friends on their farms. This job is never done, and we continually strive to keep learning. The more we learn, the more we realize we have only touched the tip of the iceberg as to what remains to be discovered.

One of the most frequent responses we receive from our friends is how much they enjoy learning together and passing this knowledge on to others. We hope you can use the information presented below to better grow cover crops… and if you make a discovery, we’re always happy to learn from you in turn!

Take this opportunity to experiment with a few of our crops!

There are many articles written on the benefits of cover crops and the forage crops we use. The list of these benefits is almost endless. There is nothing like trying these crops on your own farm, however. We encourage everyone to try our crops on a trial basis. A very skilled farmer planted one of our Sodbuster Radish seeds in July by his farm office, near Lake Providence, LA. He was so impressed by the growth of this one radish plant that he decided to plant more than 2,000 acres of radishes in his Fall Cover Crop mix.

On the other hand, a farmer in Texas planted 800 acres of Sunn Hemp on his much larger farm for his “small” experiment.

It is amazing what we can learn by simple observations on our own farm. We encourage everyone to try our crops on a trial basis, even if it’s just a small patch (if that means planting 800 acres, we won’t complain!). No matter the size of farm or form of agriculture you are in, we think our crops will have a dynamic impact. If one of our products doesn’t work on your farm, give us a call so we can all learn together. We give you our best—products and wishes—and we hope your experience is rewarding!