About Us
Learn about Petcher Seeds and our story.
The Farm
Richard Petcher’s farm in Fruitdale, AL is 140 acres, and only 40 of those acres are used for experimenting and research on the crops offered by Petcher Seeds. It doesn’t seem like a very impressive compound.

Above: When you see our farmhouse at the end of the road, you'll know you're in good company!

That’s because the true Petcher Seeds “Farm” is a network of agricultural land covering more than 100,000 acres across the Southeast. We have always considered Petcher Seeds to be a team effort, and we greatly value all of the farmers who have helped us pioneer new products and techniques on their land in the pursuit of better production. Our products, after all, were created to benefit farmers, so the only way to perfect them is to let the farmers try them first. Most of these friends are now operating and producing at levels unimaginable prior to these innovations.

We humbly thank all of our friends in the industry, who have allowed us to test crops and techniques in every climate and planting season, so that we can continue to pioneer a better way to farm. When you work with Petcher Seeds products, you are more than a customer…you are a true friend, walking and working with us. We would love to have you join the Petcher Seeds “Farm.”