Red River Crabgrass and Red Ripper Peas
Red River Crabgrass and Red Ripper Peas

We have found this to be an almost perfect match for the past several years. Crabgrass responds tremendously to Red Ripper cowpeas. When you plant this blend for grazing, we also highly recommend mixing in sunn hemp. 


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Production Guide

Red Ripper Peas (25 lbs. / acre) + Red River Crabgrass (5 lbs. / acre) = 30 lbs. total

This blend will grow best on sandy loam soil, but it will grow in most places. Ideal pH is between 5.8 and 6.5, with an ideal soil temperature of 65 °F. The cowpeas can be planted into a preexisting field of crabgrass, or planted during April when establishing new crabgrass. at a depth anywhere under .5". The peas will provide nitrogen for the crabgrass, and also greatly increase the protein value of the forage. The blend will respond well to phosphorus and potash, following a soil test. You may also add buckwheat to this mix, which acts as a nurse crop—helping the other plants grow quickly while providing phosphorus. No inoculant is needed in Southern states. It requires 45 days to grow before grazing. First frost will kill the Red Ripper Peas.

If you are planning to the cut for hay, the Red Ripper cowpeas work better as they are very good at growing back after being cut for hay. 


One acre’s worth of our Red River Crabgrass and Red Ripper Peas mix is $70.00. Please note that both products come in separate bags.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Red River Crabgrass and Red Ripper Peas mix.


The Red River Crabgrass and Red Ripper Peas mix is a Summer mix.

Planting Rate:

30 LBs. / acre