Red Ripper Cowpea
Red Ripper Cowpea

This year we at Petcher Seeds are promoting both the Chinese Red Pea and the Red Ripper Cowpea. Both are perfect to be planted in a mix with Sunn Hemp, Pearl Millet, Sorghum Sudan, Buckwheat and Sunflowers. The Red Ripper is a little larger seed and more of a vining type pea.

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Both are perfect for drilling into Bermuda or Bahia grass pastures and can be used to fertilize the grass as well as providing nutritious forage for grazing or making hay. Both cattle and deer see these peas to be a real plus over the typical Iron and Clay Cowpea planted in our area. Red Cowpeas offer more than 20 percent protein. It’s also a delicious pea for human consumption! To go along with that great protein, these cowpeas can be both heavily grazed or mowed low, and they'll come back growing strong. Other peas and even forage soybeans cannot claim this. 

This plant is an excellent Nitrogen builder for your soil. The Red Ripper will definitely handle drought better, as it goes dormant during dry times and re-vines and re-blooms again after each rain.

Planting Guide

Red Ripper Cowpea prefers sandy loam soil, but it will grow on most. Ideal pH is between 5.8 and 6.5, with an ideal soil temperature of 65 °F. It is best planted between April and August, at a depth anywhere under 2 inches. It requires no nitrogen, however it will respond well to phosphorus and potash, following a soil test. No inoculant is needed in Southern states. This is a fast, early variety of bush-type pea. It requires 45 days to grow before grazing. This is a vine-type pea that will go dormant during drought conditions, re-blooming after a rain and putting on more vine. First frost will kill this annual.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Red Ripper Cowpea.

Seed Count:

2,200 seed / LB.


Red Ripper Cowpea should be planted between April and August.

Planting Rate:

20-25 LBs. / acre