13 Way Fall Livestock/ Wildlife Mix
13 Way Fall Livestock/ Wildlife Mix

Dear Friends, We Would like two share with you our 13 Way Nutrient-Rich Cool Season Livestock and Wildlife Forage blend.  This is a power mix, that we hope will perform well on almost all soil types and locations in the Southeast.  This is our very best mix, and can be used for all livestock and wildlife.  AGAIN, IT IS A POWER MIX.  We recommend a 100 # per acre seeding rate.  However, some growers are only planting 75# of this mix per acre and are doing fine with this lower seeding rate.  Our cost is $40 per 50 pound bag.  We Hope this will be a very productive forage for you.

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Production Guide

Cosaque Black Oats      50 lbs./acre

Florlina Annual Ryegrass   15 lbs./acre

Triticale                           5 lbs./acre

Wrens Abruzzi                 10 lbs./ acre

Austrian Winter Pea       5 lbs./acre

Yuchi Arrow Leaf Clover   3 lbs./ acre

 Crimson Clover             2 lbs./acre

Mihi Persian Clover         2 lbs./acre

Hairy Vetch                      3lbs/ acre

Au Merrit Vetch                1 lb/ acre

Sweet Blue Lupin            2 lbs./acre 

Sodbuster Radish                  1 lbs./acre

Bayou Kale                     1 lbs./acre

TOTAL: 100 lbs. of great forage!


One acre’s worth of our 13 Way Fall Livestock Mix is $80.00.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ 13 Way Fall Livestock Mix.


13 Way Fall Livestock Mix blend is a Fall blend.

Planting Rate:

100 Lbs. / acre