AU Grazer is variety released by Auburn University.  It is owned by Sims Brothers Inc.  This variety when grazed or eaten as hay or pellets is extremely helpful in controlling parasites in livestock and wildlife.  The article below is from Sims Brothers Inc.  

  AU Grazer® performs best on acidic soils (PH of 6.5 or lower). It should be planted in a well-prepared seed bed after the threat of frost and before the onset of severe summer heat. Because AU Grazer® seed are small (approximately 372,000 seed per pound), they should not be planted too deeply or in clods. Seed can be planted with a cultipacker or with a grain drill at a depth of 1/4 inch. Coating seed with an inoculation improves seedling vigor. Our experience indicates that AU Grazer® should be planted at a rate of 20-25 pounds per acre.

    The hardiness and longevity of your stand depends upon the establishment of a mature root system. Therefore, AU Grazer® should be grazed and/or hayed very sparingly in the first year. Once established, a well-managed stand of AU Grazer® will last for many years. Though AU Grazer® is bred to withstand grazing and/or haying pressure, it should not be over-grazed. It is a long-stemmed, fast-growing plant. The fresh growth portions of the plant are the most nutritious. Plants should not be grazed or cut below four inches. The optimal height for harvesting high quality AU Grazer® hay is 12 to 15 inches.

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