Wildlife Mix
Wildlife Mix

Petcher Seeds’ 5 Way Nutrient Rich Summer Wildlife Forage Mix.

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Production Guide

Sunn Hemp**                  15 lbs./acre

 Red Ripper Pea           10 lbs./acre

Buckwheat                   7 lbs./acre

Lab - Lab                     2 lbs./acre

Sun Flowers                   2 lbs./acre

Alyce Clover                   2 lbs./ acre

Hairy Indigo                   2 lb./ acre

TOTAL:                          40 lbs./acre


One bag of our Wildlife Mix is $60.00.

** = Please note that we are legally unable to mix sunn hemp into our seed blends prior to sale. Customers will receive the sunn hemp seeds in a separate bag upon purchase.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Wildlife Mix.


The Wildlife Mix is a Summer blend.

Planting Rate:

40 LBs. / acre