Stockpiling Mix
Stockpiling Mix

Many growers are interested in stockpiling forages for the late Fall. Fifty years ago, growing corn and velvet beans together was a very common practice. Our Roscoe’s Favorite Indian Corn is a very insect and disease-resistant, open-pollinated full season corn variety.

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Production Guide

Roscoe’s Favorite Indian Corn (20 lbs. / acre) + Velvet Beans (5 – 15 lbs. / acre) = 35 pounds total.


Planting this mix in April or May will work fine. Planting in June through early August will also work, and allow you to green feed the corn in the late Fall (Oct - Nov) before the hard freezes come. Green fed corn (while still in the roasting ear stage) is much more nutritious to livestock than dry corn stalks with dried corn. The velvet bean is a legume that provides nutritious leaves and high protein beans in the Fall. Some growers plant sunn hemp in May and graze it down just before planting the corn mix in July and early August in the same field. Our Red Ripper Cowpeas are also an excellent mix to add to the stockpiling corn.


One acre’s worth of our Stockpiling Mix is $70.00. Please note that both products come in separate bags.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Stockpiling Mix.


The Stockpile Mix is a Summer blend.

Planting Rate:

35 LBs. / acre