Red River Crabgrass
Red River Crabgrass

At Petcher Seeds, we continually work to find ways to benefit your livestock and help make your operation more cost-effective. We have personally grown Red River Crabgrass with Sunn Hemp and it performed well. On one occasion, the hay windrows were as high as the nose of our Massy Ferguson 393 Tractor, which is about 5ft. high.

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Red River Crabgrass has been successfully used for very nutritious grazing and for production of high quality hay. Red River Crabgrass has a claim to fame for producing fast growing, high quality, fine stem forage and hay in large volumes. Its deep roots are great for the soil.

Planting Guide

Red River Crabgrass prefers sandy soils but it will grow anywhere in the Southeast. Ideal pH is between 5.8 and 6.8, with an ideal soil temperature above 65 °F. The seed is best planted between April and July, at a shallow depth, never to exceed 1/2”. Add 30 lbs. of Nitrogen, and follow soil test recommendations for N-P-K. This grass will respond to frequent applications of fertilizer. It grows rapidly and can be grazed or cut in 45 days.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Red River Crabgrass.

Scientific Name:

Digitaria ciliaris

Seed Count:

370,000 seed / LB.


Red River Crabgrass can be planted from April through July.

Planting Rate:

3-5 LBs. / acre