Sodbuster Radish
Sodbuster Radish

The Nitro Radish is very similar to the Sodbuster Radish we are also providing. The Nitro has an excellent reputation across the US and Canada. It too has a large fleshy taproot, high glucosinolate levels, and is a variety that winter kills easily for fast decomposition. 



The Nitro Radish's large taproots are superior and can penetrate as far as six feet deep. The fleshy upper part can “bust” a hole from 10 - 20 inches long and two to three inches wide! This deep taproot both plows and breaks the hardpan, and also scavenges for plant nutrients, including Calcium, Sulfur and Nitrogen. The root decomposes rapidly when terminated, allowing for water penetration in the open holes and typically releases 80 lbs. of Nitrogen and five tons of organic matter for the next crop. Fast establishment and a thick canopy allows for weed control. The high levels of Glucosinolate in Nitro makes this radish an excellent natural bio-fumigant, which greatly reduces nematode populations. This radish is also used extensively in Europe and Brazil both as a soil builder and a livestock forage, primarily on dairy farms. Wildlife, especially deer, love this radish.


Planting Guide

Nitro Radish prefers clay or sandy soils. Ideal pH is between 6.0 and 6.8, with an ideal soil temperature of 45 °F. The seed is best planted after July 1 but at least 30 days before a killing fall frost, at a depth less than 1.5”. It will require 60 lbs. of Nitrogen for good growth. These radishes will usually take 75 days for full growth, establishing well in warmer weather. 

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