Mihi Persian Clover
Mihi Persian Clover

We would like to thank the many pioneers who tried our “Mihi” Persian Clover this past year. As with all new crops to an area, we recommend growers try a small amount, and then as proceed from there as knowledge grows. We are now ready to highly recommend “Mihi” Persian Clover for the Central and Southern U.S. based on our research tests and reports from many growers.


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This clover’s claim to fame is that it releases an aroma that deer can smell and love, and it actually draws deer in from more than five miles away. When you smell the blooms you will know this is extremely realistic. This clover is also delicious for humans when added to a salad!


Mihi Persian Clover adds 50 to 120 lbs. of Nitrogen to the soil.

Planting Guide

Mihi Persian Clover will tolerate wet land, however it prefers sandy loam soils. Ideal pH is wide, between 5.5 and 8.2, with an ideal soil temperature of 45 °F. The seed is best planted during the Fall, at a depth of no more than 1/4". It won’t require any Nitrogen, but will respond well to Phosphorus and Potash, based on a soil test. These seeds come packaged with Omni-approved inoculant. This plant will grow very slowly during the Fall but will come on strong during March and persist through the end of May and into June.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Mihi Persian Clover.

Scientific Name:

Trifolium resupinatum

Seed Count:

350,000 seed / LB.


Mihi Persian Clover should be planted during the Fall.

Planting Rate:

5 LBs. / acre, 2.5 LBs. / acre as part of a mix