Dixie Reseeding Crimson Clover
Dixie Reseeding Crimson Clover

Dixie reseeding Crimson Clover is a very long time faithful clover grown in the Southeast. Dixie belongs in Dixie where it is best suited.  However, it does grow all across the US except in a few areas.  This is the clover seen on many roadsides in the south.

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“Dixie” provides excellent forage for wildlife and livestock. Most growers put it in a mix with oats, rye or ryegrass and then add some radish or kale. For cover crops, a three-way mix of Cosaque oats, Sodbuster Radish and 5 - 10 lbs. of “Dixie” is very popular. The “Dixie” is the plant providing the Nitrogen. This works more for late planted spring crops such as cotton, soybeans, grain sorghum, peanuts or late corn. It provides 50 to 120 lbs. of Nitrogen as well as several tons of organic matter. Very helpful in Fall cover mixes unless terminating early.

Planting Guide

Crimson Clover prefers heavy soils but it will grow almost anywhere. Ideal pH is between 5.5 and 6.8, with an ideal soil temperature of 45 °F. The seed is best planted in early September, at a depth less than 1/4". It captures its own Nitrogen, but add Phosphorus and Potash based on a soil test. Our Crimson Clover is pre-inoculated. It will come up quickly but won’t show much growth until Spring. It gives abundant grazing during February and March.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Teosinte.

Scientific Name:

Trifolium incarnatum

Seed Count:



Dixie Reseeding Crimson Clover is best planted during early September.

Planting Rate:

20 - 30 LBs. / acre, 5 – 10 LBs. / acre as part of a mix.