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The Benefits of “Mihi” Persian Clover

We would like to thank the many pioneers who tried our “Mihi” Persian Clover this past year.  As with all new crops to an area, we recommend growers try a small amount.  Then as knowledge grows proceed from there.  From our research tests and reports from many growers we are now ready to highly recommend “Mihi” Persian Clover for the Central and Southern U.S.

This clover’s claim to fame in New Zealand is that it releases an aroma that deer can smell and love and it actually draws deer in from over 5 miles away.  Not sure if anyone in the U.S. has documented this yet.  When you smell the blooms you would know this to be highly possible.  Our “Mihi” small test plots have no blooms as the deer are nipping them off each night.  

“Mihi” is excellent for wildlife, pasture, hay or as a green manure cover crop. It will definitely  provide tremendous benefits to your farm. 


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