Petcher’s “Greener” Cover Crop Mix
Petcher’s “Greener” Cover Crop Mix

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This is our most popular, possibly best suited cover crop blend to get your soil health fix.

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Production Guide

Cosaque Oats                                       30-50 lbs./acre                  

Dixie Crimson Clover                             5-10 lbs./acre

Sodbuster Radish / Lunch Radish         2 lbs./acre


Carbon Fix: Cosaque Oats (7,000 lbs. biomass)

Nitrogen Fix: Dixie Crimson Clover (80-100 lbs. Nitrogen)

Deep Till Fix: Sodbuster Radish / Lunch Radish (80 lbs. Nitrogen)


Besides providing cover for your soil there are many more benefits to using the greener mix. Growers are very pleased with the excellent weed control, especially in controlling Palmer Amaranth. Savings from using fewer herbicides in the next crop more than pays for the cost of the seed. Savings in fuel costs due to the deep tillage of the radish is another helpful benefit. The greener mix provides great drought tolerance to the next crop. We call it “poor man's irrigation.” There are many more benefits we could list, but the best report from farmers is how it brings profit to their billfolds. We hope that you will get your soil health fix.


Please call for prices on Petcher’s “Greener” Cover Crop mix. We custom mix this blend for customers, with typical prices ranging from $20.00 - $34.00 for an acre’s worth of seed.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ “Greener” Cover Crop.


The “Greener” Cover Crop mix is a Fall blend.

Planting Rate:

37 - 62 LBs. / acre