Red Mini Hemp

We at Petcher Seeds are very excited to introduce promising new crop to you. Crotalaria ochroleuca, known as Marejea, Red Hemp—or as we call it—Mini Hemp—is grown in Africa and South America as a popular multipurpose green manure crop. To our knowledge there is none grown in the U.S. today.


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Benefits of this crop are very similar to Sunn Hemp as a green manure and forage crop with the exception that it is also used for human consumption in some countries. The seed are identical in shape as Sunn Hemp seed but are much smaller with a seed count of 60,000 seed per pound (this reduces the overall costs of planting).

It is a little better at nematode suppression than Sunn Hemp.

Planting Guide

Crotalaria ochroleuca has a much smaller seed, is a little smaller plant and a features a less “stemmy” stalk than Sunn Hemp. It is a little slower in getting established. It will grow to six feet in height and it will produce 100 LBs. of Nitrogen per acre. At this time our recommended full seeding rate is 5-10 lb. per acre.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Red Mini Hemp.

Seed Count:

60,000 seed / LB.



Planting Rate:

5-10 LBs. / acre