Durana White Clover
Durana White Clover

Durana is highly persistent under grazing and is best used to enrich existing, unimproved cool or warm season grass pasture, especially if ridding a pasture of toxic fescue is not an option. It is excellent for grazing, Fall through early Summer. Durana increases the attractiveness and nutritional value of wildlife food plots, alone or in a mixture.

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Research and ranch experiences repeatedly demonstrate the superior feed value of a white clover-grass mixture compared to grass alone. It provides 18 to 28 percent crude protein. Improvements in conception rates, milk production, calf-weaning weights, daily gains and animal health can be recognized. Durana-grass mixtures may also be used for high quality hay or silage. Durana also captures atmospheric nitrogen of 50 to 125 lbs. per-acre per-year.

Planting Guide

Durana is adapted to every soil type in the Southern United States, including wet soils. It will grow with any pH between 5.5 and 8.0, however liming soil to a pH of 6.0 is ideal. It grows with an ideal soil temperature of 50 °F. The seed is best planted during Spring, at a depth of 1/8” to 1/4". Add phosphorus and potash depending on soil test. This is a very persistent clover, which may last for 20 years or more.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Durana White Clover.

Seed Count:

300,000 seed / LB.


Durana White Clover should be planted during Spring.

Planting Rate:

3 to 5 LBs. / acre