Cheyenne II Bermuda Grass
Cheyenne II Bermuda Grass

Cheyenne II is a highly productive and palatable forage and hay for all classes of grazing livestock. It is a warm season perennial adapted for the Southern part of the U.S. It is excellent for hay production or grazing throughout the spring and summer months.

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Deep roots and the forage add excellent organic matter to the soil.

As forage, Cheyenne II Bermuda Grass is 8 to 14 percent crude protein, TDN is 55 to 65 percent. It provides an excellent high yield for grazing, hay and silage.

Planting Guide

Cheyenne II Bermuda Grass prefers sandy loam and well drained soils. Ideal pH is between 6 and 6.8, with an ideal soil temperature of 65 °F and above. It is best planted during the Spring, at a depth of 1/8” and no deeper. Apply 30 LBs. of Nitrogen per acre as a starter and follow a soil test for NPK. It will establish rapidly and can provide cover in 45 to 60 days.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Cheyenne II Bermuda Grass.

Seed Count:

350,000 seed / LB.


Cheyenne II Bermuda Grass should be planted during the Spring.

Planting Rate:

15 LBs. / acre