Big Kahuna BMR Sorghum
Big Kahuna BMR Sorghum

This hybrid is a true “breakthrough.” Our Big Kahuna Brown Midrib offers multi-purpose forage, unprecedented hybrid vigor, superior yields, larger stems and huge leaves, very high palatability, outstanding lodging resistance and superb foliar disease resistance.

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Combining both photo-period sensitivity and brown midrib traits into one forage makes this a near perfect hybrid forage sorghum. Palatability is so high that cattle will eat stems down to the soil if not managed well by cell grazing. Because hybrid is photosensitive it is possible to produce 40 or more leaves in a full season.
Very deep roots are good for the soil. It can provide up to 50 tons of organic matter to the soil.

Planting Guide

Big Kahuna BMR prefers sandy loam soils, and is very drought tolerant. Ideal pH is between 5.8 and 7.0, with an ideal soil temperature of 65 °F. The seed is best planted during the warm period between April and July, at any depth up to 1/4”. Add a total of 120 lbs. of Nitrogen per acre— 30 lbs. at planting and 90 lbs. at sidedness time. Also add 60 lbs. of Phosphorus and 80 lbs. of Potash. This fast-growing plant may grow as high as 9 to 14’ tall.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Big Kahuna BMR.

Seed Count:

14,000 seed / LB.


Big Kahuna BMR can be planted from April through July.

Planting Rate:

5-15 LBs. / acre (drylands row), 15-20 LBs. / acre (drylands broadcast), 10-15 LBs. / acre (irrigated row), 25-50 LBs. / acre (irrigated broadcast)