AU Golden Sunn Hemp
AU Golden Sunn Hemp

A golden opportunity for your farm! Research has also been conducted at Auburn University with AU Golden for its forage grazing benefits and it has proven to be an excellent forage.

Note: Caution should always be used when feeding high protein feed or forage to livestock.


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The terminal leaves and new growth are approximately 30 percent protein, and honey bees also love this plant.

This legume provides 120 lbs. of Nitrogen to the soil in 60 days. It mines 20 lbs. of Phosphorus, 40 lbs. of Calcium, 40 lbs. of Magnesium and 80 lbs. of Potash from the soil, while also bringing up all trace minerals. It will add four tons of organic matter to your soil in 60 days. Sunn Hemp features a compound called Monocrotalin, which suppresses root knot and reniform nematodes. It is also known to have an allopathic affect on Palmer Amaranth and other weeds. Sunn Hemp also has a soil Mycorrihizae of its own, which benefits all other plants.

Planting Guide

AU Golden Sunn Hemp prefers sandy, well drained soils. Ideal pH is between 5.0 and 8.2, with an ideal soil temperature of 65 °F. It is possible to grow at temperatures as low as 48 °F, however warmer soil will mean faster growth. The seed is best planted during the warm period between April and August, at any depth up to 2”. No nitrogen is needed, but apply phosphorus or potassium based on soil testing. Don’t use inoculants in Southern states, but peanut rhizobium is good in Northern states. It will grow slow for 30 days before increasing pace. It will typically grow 5-6’ tall in 60 days, blooming around Day 55. It will rarely top 7’ tall.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ AU Golden Sunn Hemp.

Scientific Name:

Crotalaria juncea

Seed Count:

15,000 seed / LB.


AU Golden Sunn Hemp can be planted from April through August.

Planting Rate:

15 to 30 LBs. / acre

AU Golden Sunn Hemp was developed by Auburn University and is licensed to Desert Sun Marketing Company. WARNING: AU Golden Seeded Sunn Hemp is patent pending and plant variety protection (PVP), number 201100524, has been applied for. It is a violation for any person or entity to harvest seed of AU Golden Sunn Hemp without consent. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.