Perpetual Food Plot
Perpetual Food Plot

Photo is Teresa McNeil in Fruitdale, AL.  Zero fertilizer was used in this mix. The Quail Haven soybeans grew covering the ground and then trellised up the Teosinte and AU Golden making seeds all the way up the vines.  Deer did bed down in this plot over the summer.  Quail, doves and other birds were in abundance.

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Production Guide

Teosinte (10 lbs. / acre) + AU Golden Sunn Hemp (10 lbs. / acre)** + Quail Haven Forage Soybeans (10 lbs. / acre) = 30 lbs. total.


All three of these produce a hard seed that will overwinter and germinate the following Spring, as well as providing a food source for birds over the fall and winter. The AU Golden will provide the soil nutrients for the other two crops in the mix.  


Deer enjoy eating the sunn hemp and soybean vines, and especially enjoy bedding down in this mix. Quail, doves and other birds thoroughly enjoy the cover and the seed produced by these plants.  

Turkey absolutely crave this mix. This is the top food plot option for those looking to attract turkeys. 

Teosinte is an ancient corn species that birds love. AU Golden Sunn Hemp is our reseeding Sunn Hemp. Quail Haven Forage Soybean also produces a hard coated black seed that birds love.


A 30  lb. bag of Petcher’s Perpetual Food Plot is $60.00.

** = Please note that we are legally unable to mix sunn hemp into our seed blends prior to sale. Customers will receive the sunn hemp seeds in a separate bag upon purchase.

Note: The AU Golden Sunn Hemp is unavailable at this time and will be replaced for this product with Sunn Hemp until AU Golden is available.


Here’s what you can expect when you plant Petcher Seeds’ Perpetual Food Plot.


The Perpetual Food Plot mix is a Summer mix.

Planting Rate:

30 LBs. / acre