Sunn Hemp Cost & Benefit for a Row Crop Producer, Home Gardener, Turf Grower Cost is typically $45 per acre for the seed.

Benefit:  In 60 days

[box] 100 pounds of Nitrogen      =  $65

10 pounds of Phosphorus    =   $5
80 pounds of Potash            = $50
4 tons of Organic Matter      =
Weeds Suppression             =
Nematicide affects               =
Increase drought tolerance  =
Increase yield                     =
Increase profit of next crop =
Some of these benefits are difficult to assign monetary values. Most scientists agree that the above benefits from Sunn Hemp are at least $200.00 per acre in value.


Cost Analysis of Sunn Hemp Deer Food Plot

[box] Expense: $45 per acre for seed

Benefits:  No lime or fertilizer needed at planting and no fertilizer needed on next crop.
Increase growth of deer, antlers, fawning rate, and weight gain.  
Sunn hemp food plots attract, grow, and keep deer herd on your land.
Benefits in 60 days of sunn hemp growth on a per acre basis:
Provides 4 tons of 30 % protein forage for deer herd = $400 per ton value = $1,600.00
Provides 100 pounds of Nitrogen to soil in 60 days                                =     $65.00
Provides 10 lb. of Phosphorus and 80 lb. of Potash                                =     $65.00
Over the entire summer, provides 200-300 pounds of Nitrogen              =    
Suppresses unwanted weeds
Suppresses nematodes 
Improves drought tolerance of next crop
Improves stabilizing factors to the soil
Adds 4 tons of organic matter to the soil
Total benefits are close to $2000.00 per acre.


Would you rather spend $45 on Sunn Hemp and have very healthy deer or spend $2000 on corn for your deer feeders?


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